About Tenacity

Beyond technical know-how

Increasing research in the marketplace shows that employers are seeking more than know-how or technical ability—they seek candidates with soft skills. Also known as job-readiness or employability skills, they basically mean the same thing—personal attributes that enable one to maintain effective and harmonious relationships.

The Tenacity Professional Character Skills Curriculum introduces students to real-life workplace expectations and centers on the development of three character strengths: poise, initiative and tenacity.  Character strengths are more meaningful than any particular lesson about a professional skill, such as resume writing, organization, or time management. The argument that a student’s ability to craft a resume is the make-or-break moment for their career is disingenuous. Although a necessary skill, alone it is insufficient for success after high school. Acquiring communication, leadership, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities provide students an advantage not only to secure employment but also excel in their career and in life. The objective is to train students to apply professional skills beyond technical know-how and adopt them as their own personal mindsets and work habits. Explore the full Tenacity Facilitator Guide or check out the Welcome to Tenacity Video.

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