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Does it cost any money to be a host employer?

No. There is no monetary cost associated with   participation, as DOES pays the interns.

How much are students paid?

Interns who are selected for a CFI are paid at the
following rates:

  • Age 15 – 5.25 per hour
  • Age 16-21 – 10.00 per hour

Who is qualified to apply for a CFI?

DCPS students age 15 – 21 who are currently receiving, or have completed, employability skills training at their school. All CFI applicants must receive a recommendation from their employability skills instructor.

What are DC Public Schools (DCPS) Career Focused Internships (CFIs)?

The DCPS CFI Program is a unique collaboration between DCPS and DOES to provide select students with high level internship placements at host employers that align with our students’ career aspirations.

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