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When do the CFIs take place?

June 29th – August 7th. The maximum allowable hour  per week for students is 25 hours.

Who do we contact if we have questions, comments or concerns during the internship?

Each host employer will be assigned a DCPS school point of contact that is familiar with your interns.

Prior to the summer, feel free to contact DCPS here.

Where can host employer supervisors complete a background check?

Walk-in background check appointments are  available with DCHR at One Judiciary Square 441 4th  Street, NW during the months of April, May, and  June.

What are the responsibilities of the host employers?

  • Provide 100 hours of intern supervision from June 29th – August 7th. The maximum allowable hour per week for students is 25 hours.
  • Each host employer’s point of contact must attend one hour of supervisor training prior to the summer internship.
  • Each host employer supervisor must submit proof of a background check or complete a background check prior to the summer.


What are the responsibilities of the host employers?

  • Provide a robust one hundred hour summer internship experience for youth.
  • Provide a primary supervisor point of contact to DCPS.

Does it cost any money to be a host employer?

No. There is no monetary cost associated with   participation, as DOES pays the interns.

Who is qualified to apply for a CFI?

DCPS students age 15 – 21 who are currently receiving, or have completed, employability skills training at their school. All CFI applicants must receive a recommendation from their employability skills instructor.

What are DC Public Schools (DCPS) Career Focused Internships (CFIs)?

The DCPS CFI Program is a unique collaboration between DCPS and DOES to provide select students with high level internship placements at host employers that align with our students’ career aspirations.

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