Intern Overview

DCPS students will sign up for the SYEP program through the regular DOES portal. Any student wishing to participate in a DCPS Career Ready Internship must complete Tenacity employability skills training at their school. Students that are age 16 and up (and complete the Tenacity training) will receive an elevated rate of pay of $10.75 per hour.

Steps to complete:

  1. Participate in Tenacity employability skills training at school and receive recommendation from instructor.
  2. Complete Career Ready Internship application here.
  3. Register with SYEP here from mid-January 2021-mid-February 2021. Complete all steps: MBSYEP application, W4, Banking, Certification, and Career Edge Orientation.
  4. Participate in a rigorous interview process with partners.
  5. Attend a mandatory orientation prior to internship start.

Internship Industry Areas

  • Information Technology & Mass Media
  • Engineering and Construction Trades
  • Hospitality and Tourism & Culinary Arts
  • Business and Finance
  • Health Sciences & Biotechnology
  • Public Safety and Leadership
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