FAQs and Resources for Summer Host Employers

Remote Internship Resources for Summer 2020 Host Employers

What is the DC Public Schools (DCPS) Career Ready Internship initiative?

The DCPS Career Ready Internship initiative is a collaborative effort between DCPS and the Department of Employment Services (DOES) designed to match highly qualified Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) applicants with exceptional internship opportunities in their career fields of interest. DCPS also partners with the OSSE DC Career & Technical Education Network (DC CTE) to support Friendship PCS, Maya Angelou PCS, DC International PCS, IDEA PCS, and KIPP DC PCS in securing internship placements for students.

Are Career Ready Internships different than SYEP internships?

Yes. There are additional requirements to become a Career Ready Intern. On top of registering with SYEP for payment, Career Ready Interns must also receive Tenacity professional skills training at their school and complete a rigorous interview process.

How do I become a Host Employer?

The first step in becoming a Career Ready Internship Host Employer is to complete a Host Employer application. Once you have completed a Host Employer application, DCPS staff will follow up to determine next steps.

What are the responsibilities of a Host Employer?

Host employers are required to take on the following responsibilities:

  • Provide vibrant, challenging, and professional internship experiences for interns
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations outlined in the Host Employer Manual
  • Provide a primary point of contact to serve as the Host Employer intern supervisor
    • POC must provide proof of completing the DCHR DOES Field Print fingerprinting prior to June 11th, 2021
    • Employer POC must submit the Master Timesheet by Friday at noon using the google form linked above.
    • POCs champion the professional mindsets of poise, initiative, and tenacity in your interns.

What are the time commitments of Host Employers?

2021 Career Ready Internships will tentatively be held from June 28 to August 6th, 2021. The dates will align with the DOES MBSYEP window and may be adjusted in spring 2021. Interns are required to complete 20 – 25 hours of work per week during the six week internship period. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all internship work was performed remotely in summer 2020. DCPS, OSSE, & DOES will monitor the pandemic and evaluate whether internships are offered remotely in summer 2021, based on local health and safety guidelines.

How does DCPS support Host Employers?

All vetted host employers will be paired with a school level primary point of contact. This point of contact will provide support to host employers throughout the summer. These supports include:

  • One-on-one virtual site visits/student check-ins
  • Intern project ideas and resources
  • Disciplinary and personnel support as needed

Who does the Career Ready Internship initiative partner with?

Career Ready Internship Host Employer’s cover a broad range of industries. We try our best to recruit partners who represent the high wage, high demand industries of Washington, DC. We expect all of our partners to provide vibrant, challenging, and professional internship experience for interns. All Career Ready Internship Host Employers are vetted personally by DCPS staff and are required to provide proof of a criminal background check as outlined by DOES MBSYEP, DCPS & DCHR.

Does being a Host Employer cost any money?

No. There is no monetary cost to participate, as interns are paid by the DC Department of Employment Services.

Who is qualified to apply for an Career Ready Internship?

All student applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be between the ages of 15 – 21
  • Must be enrolled in DC Public Schools (or a participating charter school)
  • Must have completed, or be enrolled in employability skills training at their school

Can we interview our students to select our interns?

Yes. You can interview students during the Host Employer application process.

How are interns selected to participate in a Career Ready Internship?

After completing employability skills training, students must:

  1. Register with the DOES Summer Youth Employment Program and become eligible-certified, in order to be paid for the internship.
  2. Complete Tenacity Professional Skills training
  3. Complete a Career Ready Internship application
  4. Participate in the Career Ready Internship interview process

What types of internships are available?

During the 2021 Program year, DCPS Career Ready Internships will include the following career fields:

  • Information Technology
  • Digital Media
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business & Finance
  • Government
  • Culinary Arts
  • Health Sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Mass Media & Communications
  • Autotechnology
  • Public Safety & Public Leadership

What skills will interns learn through the employability skills training?

  • Employment Introduction and Self Awareness
  • Poise: First Impressions, Professional Dress, Positive Attitude, Professional Communication, Public Speaking
  • Initiative: Organization, Time Management, Banking, Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing
  • Tenacity: Branding, Networking, Social Networking “Netiquette”, Interviewing Skills

I’m having trouble entering my information on the application. What is going wrong?

For last and first names:

  • You must start your first and last name with an uppercase letter
  • If your name consist of two parts use a or .
  • Examples: Sheryl James, Jean-Paul, De’Andre

Email Address:

  • Use this following format: name@example.com
  • Examples: john.smith@gmail.com, michellecosta@yahoo.com

Phone Number:

  • Must use the following format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • Example: 123-456-7890

Resources for Summer Host Employers (Summer 2019 – In Person)

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