For Host Employers

"I had an internship the past two summers working at Accenture, with the team, and a lot of what I learned was being able to adapt to an environment that you didn’t expect, things changing that you don’t see coming, and that was really great.” Sean P, Accenture Intern

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For Host Employers

The Career Ready Internship initiative creates a unique opportunity for District of Columbia high school aged students to participate in a paid summer internship. DCPS’s College & Career Programs Division has partnered with DOES’s Summer Youth Employment Program for this exciting worked based learning experience.

Each intern completes employability skills training in order to participate in a competitive interview process, which leads to internship placement. The training focuses not only on the skills needed to succeed in the workplace, but also on the mindsets of Poise, Initiative and Tenacity. Interns will receive continuous support throughout the program from school-based and Central Office staff.

Our employers provide interns with meaningful work and an intentional learning experience. Interns are fully integrated within the organization’s culture while providing support to various departments and teams. Employers serve not only as supervisors but also as mentors. This exciting opportunity creates a lasting impression not only on the intern but on the host company as well. Employers interested in serving as an internship site for school year or summer internships apply here.


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