Tenacity Employability Skills Curriculum

A Unique Approach

An introduction of the Tenacity Employability Skills Curriculum serves to contextualize the career readiness tool and methods behind the implementation of the curriculum. The curriculum’s logic is that a students’ adoption of the three character strengths of poise, initiative and tenacity will support their acquisition – and advancement – of any given professional skill. Individual professional skills like resume writing, public speaking and professional dress are necessary, but they are not sufficient for success in life after high school.

Fundamentally, the character strengths of poise, initiative, and tenacity speak to the manner in which one approaches challenges and the learning process. The Tenacity approach will do more to empower students to learn and develop the necessary skills needed to advance their careers than any other approach that focuses on one standalone skill. Character strengths are more meaningful to students and teachers than any particular lesson about a professional skill.

The argument that a student’s ability to craft a resume is the make-or-break moment for their career is disingenuous. There is, however, much truth to the claim that the poise, initiative, and tenacity that students develop in the course of grappling with drafting a resume, or whatever professional skill they happen to be developing, will better equip them to pursue future professional positions. The focus on character strengths is a philosophy that is applicable well beyond the bounds of professional life. It better equips students to engage the array of both personal and professional challenges they are bound to encounter.

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